July 06, 2012

The World in Your Pocket

Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting The World in Your Pocket at the American Association of Teachers of French Congrès National in Chicago. I made the same presentation in March at the Central States Conference of Teachers of Foreign Language, and last November at the Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers conference. My website and presentation focus on using mobile devices and applications to learn anytime, anywhere. Two topics generated the most discussion among the workshop participants: the use of mobile devices to create with language (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.), and the use of social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, etc.) to collaborate with innovative educators and inspiring people around the world. I encourage all teachers and students to explore social media to develop their own Personal/Professional Learning Networks (PLN). Language teachers should follow #langchat for a plethora of ideas. Francophones and francophiles should also consider participating in #frenchfilmchat biweekly. I was thrilled to finally meet some of the amazing educators who have shared so much with me. It felt like seeing old friends. Thank you to all who attended my workshop and who continue to support my own PLN. Merci mille fois!