January 13, 2013

Celtic Love Spoon

January 13, 2013 Photo: "Celtic Love Spoon"

Spoons are considered symbols of affection in many cultures. Today, my Larson nephews asked, "Auntie, you're Irish, right?" They understand that Dad & Auntie are adopted, so we don't have the same ethnic backgrounds. In fact, I'm 1/2 Norwegian, 1/4 Swedish, & 1/4 Italian. Although my whole life, especially on St. Patrick's Day, I've been taken for a Celtic lass. Maybe, the reddish brown hair, the fair, freckled skin, or the light eyes (a curious shade of blue) are misleading, or maybe, as my brother was quick to point out, I am the size of a leprechaun, but I am neither Irish nor Scottish, although my Scandinavian ancestors plundered the British Isles mercilessly. I guess I am Celtic by marriage. Uncle Eric's Scottish grandfather made this Celtic love spoon for all of the women in his family. This interwoven love knot dates as far back as 1000 year ago. Legend has it, a young man would present a decorative, hand-carved spoon to the girl he wished to marry. The pattern on the spoon forms one continuous loop, symbolizing togetherness & unity. The fine finish & intricate design reflected his affection for the girl. If she accepted, they were betrothed. I am so fortunate to inherit Eric's grandmother's spoon. It is displayed proudly in our home as a symbol of Celtic love, unity, & fidelity. No, Auntie may not be Celtic, but Uncle Eric is, & Auntie feels the love :)