January 05, 2013

Le Rêve

Photo of the day: January 5, 2013: "Le Rêve"

This morning, we went to Café Hollander for brunch. We usually go to the East Side, but today, we went to Wauwatosa. I love Café Hollander's Quiche Lorraine and they have a great Bloody Mary. We parked up the street, right in front of Le Rêve, a lovely French café in the Village. Coincidentally, just yesterday, I got an email from "Auntie Carol" asking if I'd ever been there. This morning, I couldn't resist a quick peak. I almost felt as if I were in Paris! The pastry shelves were filled with authentic flaky, creamy, glossy French temptations. 

How could I possibly chose?

 Maybe something chocolaty...

Mousse au chocolat

or an Opera Tart

Or maybe something fruity...

So, what did I choose?

A skim latte :-/

Next time!

Le Rêve Pâtisserie & Café
7610 Harwood Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213