January 01, 2013

New Year, New Challenge!

Here's to a new challenge!
Happy New Year! I have never been one for making traditional resolutions. Although it is always nice to save money, to eat better, or to get in shape, rather than being self-critical, I have always preferred to start the year with positive thoughts, to look forward to new interests, new challenges, and new adventures. Last year, I resolved to appreciate the little things, to capture special moments in photographs. I set up a Tumblr account called  Une chose, One thing.  My goal was to post one photo each day - 366 images of 2012. In January, I took random pictures of anything that caught my eye, of things that I found beautiful or interesting. In February, I chose a theme: love. I posted images of hearts, sweets, and flowers just in time for Valentine's Day. In March, I started participating in Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-day Challenge. The challenge offered suggestions for a photo each day and helped me to focus on a specific subject that was often broad enough to provide freedom of interpretation. Although I succeeded in posting 366 photos, I often recycled photos that weren't actually taken on the day I posted them or even in 2012. This year, I will attempt to feature a photo-a-day right here on my blog. I will make every effort to take a new photo each day, a photo of something that inspired me to stop and take a closer look. I will treat this challenge as an opportunity to slow down, to notice the beauty and inspiration that surrounds us each day if we just take the time to notice. So, here's to 2013!