February 02, 2013

Hail Alma Mater

February 2, 2013 Photo of the day:
"Hail Alma Mater"

My nephew, Alec (9), attended a lego robotics 
workshop today at Marquette University. 

He called to ask if I would be there.
It was a great opportunity to show Eric
and my nephews my beloved Alma Mater.

We walked around campus
and visited all of my favorite places.

Marquette Hall

St. Joan of Arc Chapel 

The oldest structure in North America

It is so warm and inviting inside.
I spent so many peaceful moments here!

My favorite little cherubs.
The boys joked about how cold they must be ;-)

Chase (6) greeted Père Marquette

We had coffee in the Alumni Memorial Union
(How do you choose between 
"Ahoya Blend" & "Jesuit Joe"?)

We ended our tour with Mass at Gesu Church.
I love that they still sing
the same St. Louis Jesuits music!

Marquette University Class of 1989

I always feel comfortable,
inspired, and challenged when I visit Marquette!
It was my home for nine years (1985-1994),
and it will always hold a place deep in my heart!