February 14, 2013

La Langue de l'Amour

February 14, 2013 Photo of the day: "L'amour"

It's a familiar image, reminiscent of my February 3rd photo, but this time it's in French, the language of love. Happy Valentine's Day! If you want to spoil special someone today, try whispering sweet nothings en français ;) There are so many sweet and silly French terms of endearment! 
  • Traditional: mon cher, ma chérie (my dear, my darling), mon amour (my love), mon cœur (my heart), mon ange (my angel), ma belle (my beauty), mon mignon, ma mignonne (my cutie), mon trésor (my treasure),  ma poupée (my doll), ma moitié (my half)
  • Pet names: ma chatte, mon chaton (my kitten), mon lapin (my bunny), mon canard (my duck), ma caille (my quail), mon poulet (my chicken), mon loup (my wolf), ma puce (my flea), and, be careful pronouncing this one: ma biche (my doe, a dear, a female dear...)
  • Silly: mon petit chou (my little cabbage!)
If your mots doux come with des fleurs (flowers), des bonbons (candy), du chocolat (chocolate), ou des bijoux (jewelry), you are sure to get un gros bisous (a big kiss)!

Don't forget to say: Je t'aime! or Je t'adore!

Zou bisous bisous - XO

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