March 19, 2013

It's official...

March 19, 2013 Photo of the day: "An Apple for the Teacher"

For the past year, I have been juggling two roles at school. I have been a full time French teacher as well as a technology coach for my colleagues. Early yesterday morning, our principal came into my classroom, closed the door, and pulled up a chair. My heart was racing as he told me the "good news." Next year, I will officially be the Technology Instructional Coach at Pewaukee High School...full time. That means that I will have the exciting job of discovering new tools and methods for leveraging technology to maximize student achievement. I will have the privilege of working with all of my colleagues, providing professional development as well as classroom assistance. That also means that Pewaukee is hiring a new French teacher for the first time in twenty years. I have already been fielding Tweets, email, and texts because the French position was posted yesterday. I wanted you all to hear it from me first. I love my content area and I love my students. I have been in a very unique position of being with the same kids for up to six years (throughout middle school and high school French classes). I have worked extremely hard to personalize my curriculum, making it authentic and interactive. I have designed new courses in French film, literature, business, and current issues. It is so hard to pass the torch. Of course, I will mentor whoever takes over and I am eager to have another francophone in the building, yet my heart is heavy. 

The Jesuit education that I received at Marquette University has been on my mind a lot lately, especially since the installation of the first Jesuit Pope, Francis I. I was taught that it is our duty to use our time and talents to "Be the Difference." I am humbled to be put in a position to serve all of my colleagues and all of the students at Pewaukee High School. In order to be completely dedicated to this mission, there must be some sacrifice. I am giving up what has been safe and familiar for what is exciting and innovative, for what I hope will truly make a difference. Although, I will no longer be a French teacher, I will always be a francophile, and, most importantly, I will always be a teacher.