March 16, 2013

Le Poisson

March 16, 2013 Photo of the day: 

Sadly, nearly a year to the day since we brought him home, our betta, Bubbles, passed on to fishy heaven this week. I feared that my nephews would be devastated, and debated buying another fish that looked just like Bubbles to avoid the awkward conversation. Yet, having just starred in their school's performance of The Lion King, I figured this would be an example of "The Circle of Life." After a moment of sadness, the boys agreed that we should remember Bubbles fondly and get a new fish, a halfmoon betta. Alec wants to call him "Bubbles, Jr." but we really do need a new name!  Eric thinks "Blarney" since it is St. Patrick's Day tomorrow or "Gill" (short for Gilligan). How about Sushi ;) For now, we just call him "fishy." Any other suggestions?