March 13, 2013

Train of thought

March 13, 2013 Photo of the day: "Blur"

Some weeks seem to creep toward the weekend while others zoom by in a blur of activity. This week has been crazy with yearbook deadlines, technology training, and preparation for Friday's staff meetings. This morning, we were annoyed by drivers refusing to observe the speed limit for fear of passing a police car on Hwy 16. Once the squad car exited, the traffic resumed its normal pace until two garbage trucks merged onto the highway and we all slowed down again. As if that weren't enough, we were about ten feet from the crossing when the gates closed, signaling an approaching train. I guess some mornings are like that! No matter how rushed you are, life forces you to slow down. Isn't that the whole point of my P365? The challenge was to capture an image in photos and words. To be cognoscente of my surroundings. Here is the train that reminded me to slow down this morning.