April 13, 2013

Pop-up Petit Prince

April 13, 2013 Photo of the day:

This month marks the 70th Anniversary of one of my favorite books, Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Ironically the 1943 book, featuring the adventures of a pilot whose plane went down over the Sahara Desert, was published a year before its author, "Saint-Ex," was lost over Africa during World War II.  I have several copies of this magnificent, whimsical book. I have taught it in both French and English, emphasizing its timeless themes of love, friendship, and imagination; its political and cultural satire. Although best experienced in its original French, my favorite version of The Little Prince is the gorgeous pop-up book that I purchased at Anthropologie last summer. Saint-Ex's original illustrations are even more enchanting in 3-D.

Drawing #1 & Drawing #2

"S'il vous plaît, dessine-moi un mouton!"

The Little Prince tending his planet...

...in order to avoid invading baobabs.

Above all, don't forget:
"We only see clearly with our hearts;
What is most important is invisible to the eyes."

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