April 23, 2013

Vraie Beauté

April 23, 2013 Photo of the day: "MWAH!"

Yesterday, I posted a close-up photo of myself smelling a bouquet of flowers. As soon as I published it, I began to second guess my decision. As I started to scrutinize the photo, I realized that I was really critiquing myself. I worried that my hair was frizzy, my freckles made my skin look uneven, my eyes looked a bit blood-shot.... In fact, each time I see a photo of myself, I go through the same process, focusing on all of my self-perceived faults. Of course, we all want the right angles and lighting to optimize our appearance, but why are we so self-critical?


This morning, I discovered this wonderful video that clearly illustrates how we really are our own worst critics. Others tend focus on our natural attributes, oblivious to the faults that we perceive in ourselves.

So today, I challenge you to be kind to yourself.
Try to see yourself the way others see you.

OK, here goes:

My hair isn't "frizzy"; it's thick and wavy.
My complexion is fair and my freckles are youthful.
My eyes are a pretty shade of blue.

Give yourself a break or even a hug :)