May 08, 2013

Thank you, teachers!

May 8, 2013 Photo of the day: "Merci, les profs!"

This is Teacher Appreciation Week. I'm not soliciting praise and thanks for myself, but I truly believe that teachers change lives. Today, I would like salute the teachers who made a difference in my life:

To the School Sisters of Saint Francis at St. Mary's School: Rosemarie, Theresa, Odilla, Prosper, Frances, and Berna: You were strict but kind. You taught me to read and write (especially Sister Prosper who kept me in for recess to practice my penmanship). You taught me to respect and trust God, authority, my peers, and myself. You instilled in me a love for learning that will last a lifetime! A special thanks to Sister Nivard, our principal, who continued to be interested in my life even after I left St. Mary's. When she read of my dad's passing 15 years later, the dear Sister came to his memorial service. 

To Mrs. Grace Lippert: You inspired me with your love of literature. I adored listening to you read aloud in your Scottish brogue. You challenged me to read great books. You were the first the bring in books and items in French, sparking an interest that would lead to a double major and a twenty-year career as a French and English teacher.

To Mrs. Judy Gosenheimer: As my high school yearbook adviser, you fostered my creativity. You taught me to take and develop interesting photographs and to design attractive layouts. You encouraged me to continue writing and to carefully edit my work (I need to be more diligent about my blog). Years later, I hope I have nurtured and supported my middle school and high school yearbooks staffs as much as you did.

To Professeurs Brigitte Coste, Steven Taylor, Jean-Pierre LaFouge, Béatrice Ness, and Jeannette Kraemer: You taught me to communicate in French and to love French literature from the Middle Ages through the 20th Century. You encouraged me to go to France to study, to travel, to immerse myself in the language and the culture. You inspired me to go to graduate school, to continue studying to become a teacher.  Madame Kraemer, you taught me how to teach. You were my first mentor and my inspiration when I mentor new teachers and coach others to use technology.

To Father Naus: You personify Marquette's motto, "Be the Difference!" You inspired me to teach with passion and a sense of humor, to truly show my students how much I care about their futures. As my Ethics and Philosophy of Humor professor, you left a lasting impression on my heart. I remember the flowers you gave us after Sunday masses to brighten our dorm rooms and the smiley-face balloons that you gave us before exams to remind us to stay positive. Nearly twenty-five years later, I am still honored to receive Christmas cards from you (each August :). Your letters are fun and inspiring. The lovely, poetic quotes and inserts always grace my bulletin boards, reminding me and my students to value wonder, to have faith, to be honest and kind, and to enjoy life. 

Father Naus with my middle school yearbook staff at Marquette University in 2011 
How lucky they were to meet this incredible man!

Tributes to teachers in the Marquette Alumni magazine

Thank you, my dear teachers! 
I am inspired and humbled by your examples! 
You are truly my heroes!