June 10, 2013

Inspiration & Gratitude

June 10, 2013 Photo of the day:
"Réfléchir, Concevoir, Imaginer"




I've mentioned before that, although I am a big fan of the convenience and organizational potential of technology, I really do love handwritten notes, journals, quality paper, and pens that enhance one's uniquely beautiful penmanship. 

My colleague, Nan, is an inspiration! She has a passion for teaching literature that is unparalleled. This year, Nan was charged with creating a blended American Lit course as an alternative to traditional classroom seat time. She was self-deprecating about her proficiency with technology; therefore, it was my privilege to consult with her about how to leverage Moodle, Google Apps, YouTube, etc. to create an engaging experience for her students. Despite her apprehension, I truly believe that Nan has developed a new perspective on her content and delivery. 

This afternoon, when she dropped off the books that I will be teaching with her next year, she also delivered this amazingly personal gift of three linen journals that remind me to "Reflect, Conceive, and Imagine."  I am eager to fill them with ideas, quotes, words of wisdom, and gratitude. I am so grateful for the true gift of friendship and professional collaboration with amazing colleagues like Nan.