July 15, 2013

All is calm...

July 15, 2013 Photo of the day: "All is calm..."

This morning, I was an hour early for a meeting at school, so took my coffee and sat on a bench across from Pewaukee Lake. Within hours on this 90°day, the beach would be packed with families and former students seeking refuge from the oppressive humidity. But at 7:30 am, all was calm. The lake's placid surface was only gently disquieted by one woman's white bathing cap and rhythmic backstroke. She swam back and forth unfazed by a lone seagull screeching at her from his perch on a swim maker.

Friends and family know that I have a hard time quieting my mind. I am always planning, reflecting, absorbing, analyzing. I rarely sit quietly, choosing instead to read, listen to music, update my social media... My intention this morning was to walk along the beach and find something to photograph for my Project 365. Instead, I sat sipping my coffee, just enjoying the calm. Before I left for my meeting, I took a single photo.