August 09, 2013

Google Certified Trainer

Today, I received official confirmation of status as a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer. I am so eager to begin the new school year collaborating with colleagues and students as they leverage the power of Google Apps for education to transform their teaching and learning! I am very excited to have achieved this goal by completing the following requirements:
  • I passed six exams on Google Apps for Education, Drive, Mail, Calendar, Sites, and Other Tools.
  • I completed the application, including the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in becoming a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer? For the past two years, I have received valuable instruction and guidance from two Google Certified Trainers. My school district and neighboring districts have hired these talented and knowledgeable individuals to provide professional development to tech-savvy teachers via "train the trainer" workshops. We in turn have used our training to provide several courses in Google Apps for Education to our colleagues during a summer teaching and learning academy. As Instructional Technology coach, I would like to provide group and individualized training as our district moves towards full integration of Google Apps for Education. As a member of the Southeastern Wisconsin Tech Coaches Network, I would also like to extend the scope of my instructional coaching to workshops, edCamps, and conferences in order to train an even larger population of educators and administrators.
    • Do you blog or create other online content related to education or technology? Please include any relevant links:
    • Can you demonstrate area expertise in educational technology? *Please list any speaking events, published articles, self-produced training materials, influential blogs, and/or any other evidence showing strong experience teaching and evangelizing the use of technology in the classroom.
      • I have presented at the following conferences to promote the powerful impact of technology on student achievement:
        • Quality Educator Convention (Madison, WI - 2013): "Student Learning Objectives: Finding Effective Ways to Leverage Change and Growth in Student Achievement
        • American Association of Teachers of French - (Chicago, IL -  2012):  "The World in Your Pocket" (using mobile apps in the World Language classroom)
        • Central States Conference for Teachers of Foreign Languages (Milwaukee, WI - 2012):  "The World in Your Pocket" (mobile apps in the World Language)
        • Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers Conference (Appleton, WI - 2011): "The World in Your Pocket" (mobile apps in World Language)
        • Great Lakes 1:1 Conference (Milwaukee, WI - 2010): Mobile learning
      • I have taught adult education courses in technology:
        • Pewaukee Academy of Excellence - Moodle training
        • Pewaukee & Hamilton Technology and Learning  Academy - Google Sites, Flipping the Classroom, Kid Blog, Google Voice, Google Hangouts
        • EdTech Challenge - Google Sites training
      • I have created several websites to promote the importance of leveraging technology to motivate authentic student learning: 
        • (personal Instructional Technology Google Site to provide resources and tutorials)
        • (Google Site for students to "virtually move to Paris")
        • (Pinterest account to curate articles and websites related to technology as well as subject-specific resources; teachers are invited to collaborate on these boards)
        • (Google Site created in 2011 to persuade the Pewaukee School District that our teachers need a technology coach; as a result my position was created the following year)
        • (Google Site created to share mobile applications for teachers and students to promote creativity, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural activities)
        • (Google Site created to provide rationale and resources for flipping lessons
    • How often are you involved with Google Apps Training? As Pewaukee High School's Instructional Technology Coach, I provide daily Google Apps Training to teachers and students. All teachers are trained in Gmail and Google Calendar features, while others have focused on using Google Docs in their classrooms and creating class Google Sites. I approach training and professional development opportunities from a personalized learning perspective. Although it is essential that all teachers and students have basic knowledge of Google Apps for Education in our school district, I recognize and embrace the idea that each student or teacher will use Google Apps for specific individual purposes and should, therefore, be provided individualized training.
    • How do you stay up to date with the latest technology? To stay up to date with the latest technology, I have attended several workshops and conferences, including Milwaukee Digital Media Conference, edCamp MKE, TIES (Total Information Educational Systems), and SLATE (School Leaders Advancing Technology in Education). I have completed graduate coursework in providing distance learning through technology, learning management systems, and social media. I am a member of the Southeast Wisconsin Technology Coaches Network that includes several Google Certified Teachers and Trainers. We meet regularly to share resources and ideas for providing professional development. Social media has also been an extremely valuable way for me to stay current on the latest technology. My personal learning network on Twitter and Google+ connects me with nearly five hundred like-minded professionals and experts in various aspects of technology.
  • I wrote a detailed case study of my proposed addition of a tech coaching position in Pewaukee.
  • I produced a one-minute training video highlighting one Google App (embedding a Google Calendar onto a Google Site).
  • I created a two-minute video detailing my background, philosophy, and innovative use of Google Apps for Education