August 01, 2013


Photo of the day: "Hydrangeas"

Although common, heavily laden, snowball bushes
 aren't my favorite, they remind me of a great scene 
in my favorite movie It's a Wonderful Life:
  • George: Mary... [picks up Mary's robe lying on the ground] Okay, I give up. Where are you?
  • Mary: Over here in the hydrangea bushes.
  • George: Here you are. Catch. [He is about to throw her the robe, but reconsiders mischievously] Wait a minute. What am I doing? This is a very interesting situation.
  • Mary: Please give me my robe.
  • George: Hmmm...A man doesn't get in a situation like this every day.
  • Mary: [Getting annoyed] I'd like to have my robe.
  • George: Not in Bedford Falls, anyway.
  • Mary: [thrashing around in the bushes, sneezes] Ouch!
  • George: Gesundheit. This requires a little thought here.
  • Mary: George Bailey! Give me my robe!
  • George: I've heard about things like this, but I've never...
  • Mary: Shame on you. I'm going to tell your mother on you.
  • George: Oh, my mother's way up the corner there.
  • Mary: I'll call the police!
  • George: They're way downtown. They'd be on my side, too.

I prefer the gorgeous spectrum created by
different species & soil PH in different regions:

Ice Blue and White

Green & Powder Blue

Preppy Pink & Green (at Marquette)

Pink & Yellow (at Marquette)

Purple (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

Pink & White (in Sturgeon Bay)

& of course, my favorite:
Iconic Blue in Cape Cod
(Photo taken in Chatham, MA - Summer 2010)