September 27, 2013


September 27, 2013 Photo of the day: "Homecoming"

Today, Pewaukee High School celebrates Homecoming 2013. The obvious choice for my photo of the day, would be a sea of black and red Pirates at the pep rally, the parade, or tonight's football game, but I started to reflect on the term "homecoming." Traditionally, Homecoming at academic institutions was meant to welcome alumni back to their alma mater.  But over the years the focus of the event has shifted from the alumni to the current student body. Homecoming week is now a celebration of school spirit with dress-up days, hallway and float decorations, and class competitions. 

Last night, I experienced a more traditional Homecoming as I returned to my alma mater for Father Naus' memorial. The moment I stepped onto Marquette's beautiful campus, I felt an immediate sense of home. Isn't it wonderful how certain places are instantly comfortable? Perhaps it's because I am teaching Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises that I am so in tune with a sense of place. Or perhaps Jimmy Buffett put it best: "Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes...." I have been blessed to travel to many places but just a few offer a true sense of homecoming: Sturgeon Bay, Marquette University, and Paris. No matter how far I roam, these are places that I will always call "Home!"