October 23, 2013


October 23, 2013 Photo of the day: "Beyond..."

There is a mysterious road almost hidden in the trees off of Lake Drive in our neighborhood. The entrance is marked by weathered pillars, and underneath the overgrown foliage, is a sign that reads "Est. 1909." Each time I walk by, I am at once intrigued and intimidated. I peer down the dark, leafy path, hoping for a glimpse of what lies just beyond the bend. 

Sometimes, I imagine a rundown "summer cottage," one of the stately homes where wealthy turn-of-the-century families from Milwaukee or Chicago summered on Okauchee Lake. When the seasons changed they packed up their finery and closed the house for the winter. As the years passed, the family moved on and the house was abandoned. 

Other times, I picture a rundown shack where someone lives in seclusion, hiding from prying eyes like my own. Is he the "Boo Radley" of Westshore? 

Since further down Lake Drive is a former speakeasy, a hideout for Al Capone and his gang, I sometimes imagine a former gangster's lair where hidden secrets are waiting to be discovered.  

There isn't a "No Trespassing" sign on the pillar, so I suppose I could satisfy my curiosity by simply walking down the road. Being tech-savvy, I could consult the satellite view on Google Maps, but I deny the urge. Sometimes the truth is dull in comparison to your imagination!