October 27, 2013


October 27, 2013 Photo of the day: 

Quand l'idéal se déplace, 
il faut bien qu'on s'oriente différemment. 
Le tournesol reste fidèle au soleil.
~ Jean Rostand

Known as tournesols in French, sunflowers incline perpetually toward the light. As the days become shorter, the sun hangs lower in the sky. My European car seems to think that Daylight Savings Time is already over; though in the US, we still have a week before we change our clocks. Who needs sophisticated technology when nature indicates the changing time and seasons with precision accuracy? 

Sunflowers teach us that when a situation changes, we must alter our perspective to always face the light. Even without its petals, this sunflower bows toward the low autumn sun.