December 31, 2013


December 31, 2013 Photo of the day: "Santé"

It seems only fitting to end the year as it began:

Project 365 taught me to slow down, 
to be present, to pay attention, 
to rejoice in the unexpected. 

Technically, I learned about angles, 
focus, composition, and light. 
In addition to the visual components, 
I began to write again, 
to express my creativity in words and images. 

I felt inspired, dedicated, and so very blessed 
by the encouragement of all of you 
who followed my progress. Thank you! 

Cheers to a year of moments
 that did not go unnoticed;
to a year of taking time 
to see, to reflect, to learn.

I wish you health and happiness,
discovery and inspiration,
love and peace,
and a new year
filled with beautiful moments!
Cheers to 2014!