January 10, 2014


January 10, 2014 Photo (010/365): "Cracked"

January is difficult. The warmth and light generated by the holidays has faded, but the cold lingers and a restlessness sets in. To remedy our cabin fever, we venture outside. The waters along the shores of Lake Michigan are too unstable to play upon as the mighty currents of the great lake cause the ice to shift and crack. But after weeks of freezing temperatures, our inland lakes are solid. There is something thrilling about walking, sliding, skating, and even sailing atop the frozen water. Ice boating is very popular here and it's thrilling to watch! The boats fly across the ice and the skilled sailors compete in races that rival any summer regatta. Strategic areas of the inland lakes are populated with ice shanties. I really don't understand the appeal of ice fishing: sitting atop a frozen lake staring at a hole in the ice. Nor do I comprehend the logic of warming oneself with a space heater set upon that same ice! I do, however, appreciate the desire to be outside in the fresh air...and the delicious perch and bluegills caught in those icy waters! 

January is a long month and the winter is far from over, but rather than letting the weather break your spirit, try to go outside and have some fun. Better to crack up than to crack under the pressure!