January 31, 2014


January 30, 2014 Photo (030/365): "Enough"

Are you sick of pictures like these:
Snow clinging to branches and 
drifts obscuring the landscape,
the bluish hue of the January air...?


Sure, the snow is beautiful
and I really do love this color palette,
but I've had ENOUGH:
Enough of bone chilling temperatures,
Enough of salt-stained boots and cars,
Enough of cabin fever,
Enough January!

Yes, I know that February 
will likely bring more of the same... 
Yet the promise of one fewer month of winter:
a month filled with crêpes for la Chandeleur,
hearts, flowers, and words of love for Valentine's Day,
Marquette basketball and the Winter Olympics,
birthday wishes and time with family,
a month with only twenty-eight days...
That's ENOUGH!