February 08, 2014


February 8, 2014 Photo (039/365): 
"You've Got Mail!"

When did going to the mailbox become such a chore? I used to look forward to getting the mail, but now it seems that the mailbox is only full of bills, catalogs, and advertisements. Although email has made staying in touch easier than ever, I do miss getting handwritten letters and postcards. I miss seeing my name in the distinctive scripts of my friends and family; recognizing the senders by each person's unique penmanship. I miss paying attention to the postmarks, remarking how long it took for the mail to arrive and how far it traveled to get to me. I miss saving stamps from foreign lands or with images of interesting people and favorite things. I miss the extremes of nearly transparent air mail paper versus fine linen and thick cotton stationery.  I miss the ritual of carefully opening envelopes, running my fingers over embossed monograms, and unfolding colorful paper or beautiful cards generously filled with news, wishes, and words of love. Although it would be nice if they were more frequent, it is lovely to receive Christmas greetings, Valentines, and birthday cards in February -- delightful wishes to warm cold winter days.