February 10, 2014


February 10, 2014 Photo: "Sweet"

It's Valentine's week, so all of my posts are dedicated to the sweetness of this lovely holiday. In fact, if you've been quite observant, you must have noticed that all February posts have featured the lovely crimson hues of Valentine's Day. While the cynical may feel that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday -- the ultimate marketing ploy to boost sales of greeting cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry, I say, "Why not dedicate a day to expressing love for one another?" Actually, a day isn't nearly enough time to show our each other how much we appreciate them, so I'm taking the whole week!

Let's start the week with something sweet! On this bitter Monday morning, I was greeted with a pretty pink and red box waiting cheerful on my desk. Inside was this beautiful pastry, carefully baked and decorated by one of the most generous colleagues I have ever known. I know that Nan is a brilliant, thoughtful, dedicated, and charmingly irreverent person, but I didn't know that she could bake! What a lovely surprise!