March 03, 2014


March 3, 2014 Photo (061/365): "Consideration for the Carnation"

"The fairest flowers o' the season. 
Are our Carnations..."
~ William Shakespeare 
Winter's Tale, Act IV,  Scene 4

In episode 606 of Sex and the City, the ladies discuss "deal-breakers." Carrie declares she'd never date a man who wears boat shoes (Incidentally, I have probably never dated a guy who didn't). Charlotte is disappointed by men who offer her carnations, and I must admit that I, too, considered them "filler flowers." But today, the light and the shadows dancing among the folds of these delicate petals made me realize that maybe Carrie was right after all, that "carnations are making a comeback." Carrie declared her affection for pink carnations, but as with most flowers, I prefer white. In the Victorian language of flowers, carnations declared: "You're the only one" and  "The sun is always shining when I'm with you." White carnations symbolized the sweet and lovely, as well as pure love. So perhaps, it is time to offer consideration for the simple carnation.