March 01, 2014


March 1, 2014 Photo (060/365): "Green"

March and I have a complicated relationship. On one hand, it's no longer February, hence another month closer to spring. Yet, unlike most people, I really don't mind February. It's a short month filled with celebration (La Chandeleur, Valentine's Day, often Mardi Gras, and my birthday). There are hearts and flowers everywhere reminding us to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. In case you hadn't noticed, during the month of February, I challenged myself to post photos featuring the beautiful crimson hues of Valentine's Day. It was both fun and daunting, so I'm happy to change my perspective now that we are entering a new month. My initial plan for March was green, a bit of the luck o' the Irish and hopeful, the verdant shades of spring...but who are we kidding? In Wisconsin, March is really just 31 more days of winter. Tradition holds that if March comes "in like a lion," it will go "out like a lamb." Today's high temperature was 12º, we got another 2" of snow, and the only green I could find were these hydrangeas at Trader Joe' here's hoping!