March 31, 2014

March in Pictures

As I mentioned thirty-one days ago, I am not enamored with the month of March. The dream of a month of images featuring verdant hues was nearly impossible; and there weren't the blue and gold photos I hoped for either. This Marquette fan is traumatized by our conspicuous absence from any post-season tournaments - talk about March Madness! I do, however wish Wisconsin fans the best of luck. Although, as predicted, March was virtually another month of winter, I did manage to capture glimpses of sunshine and subtile signs that the seasons are indeed changing; and, true to form, March did come "in like a lion," (12º,  2" more of snow) and is going "out like a lamb" (61º and breezy with showers this evening - Perfect for Opening Day of the Brewers' season!) - Happy Spring!