May 23, 2014


May 23, 2014 Photo (143/365): "Flyover"

"Spring here is at first so wary, and then so spare that even the birds act like strangers, trying out the strange air with a hesitant chirp or two, and then subsiding. But the season intensifies by degrees, Imperceptibly, while the colors deepen out of memory, the flowers bloom and the thick leaves gleam in the sunlight of another city, in a past which has almost faded into heaven. And even though memory always gives back so much more of  what was there than the mind initially thought it could hold, where will the separation and the ache between the isolated moments go when summer comes and turns this all into a garden?   

Spring here is too subdued: the air is clear with anticipation,  but its real strength lies in the quiet tension of isolation and living patiently, without atonement or regret, in the eternity of the plain moments, the nest of care — Until suddenly, all alone, the mind is lifted upward into light and air and the nothingness of the sky...Somewhere up in the sky an airplane drones." [or three!] 

~ from “The Late Wisconsin Spring” by John Koethe

NOTE: This is not my clearest, most impressive photo, but it is certainly what captured my attention this evening. When I heard the droning, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a quick shot.