June 20, 2014

French Friday: The Paris Journal

June 20, 2014 Photo (171/365): "The Paris Journal"

Just in time for a French Friday post, my signed copy of Nichole & Evan Robertson's The Paris Journal Book I arrived today (along with a few extra goodies -- Merci!).  To properly immerse myself in the experience, I took my book out to lunch on the terrace of my favorite local café, chez Mélinda ;-)  

As with an excellent wine or a decadent French pastry, The Paris Journal is a treat to be savored! Start with the wonderful matte cover and lovely, tactile paper (I really dislike fingerprints on glossy covers and images). Linger on each of Nichole's gorgeous photos for a truly unique Parisian perspective -- not a clichéd Eiffel Tower in site. Indulge in the imaginative musings of a jet-lagged American as she spends one day strolling along the Ile de Cité and the Ile Saint Louis, satisfying her cravings for French delicacies, and inventing quirky scenarios for the locals she keenly observes.

The French embrace indulgence while recognizing the necessity of moderation: just one small boule of really good ice cream, a generous slathering of salted butter on your baguette but only for breakfast, a warm croissant or pain au chocolate on a weekend morning, one lovely glass of Champagne or Bordeaux; but sometimes, it is far too tempting not to have just a little bit more. I had a hard time not devouring all of The Paris Journal in one sitting. I had to summon that French willpower to recognize that overindulgence diminishes the delightful anticipation of another opportunity to enjoy such pleasures. Happily, this is only the first book in The Paris Journal series. I look forward to continuing this narrative and photographic stroll through the city that will forever tempt me to return.

Visit Obvious State for more of the Robertsons' amazing work, including Nichole's best-selling Paris in Color bookand Evan's wonderfully clever literary prints.

"Do you know what you would do with a day in Paris?" ~ The Paris Journal 
(Sounds like the perfect challenge to me! Stay tuned :)