June 29, 2014


June 29, 2014 Photo (180/365): "Macarons"

Mes amis had a layover in Paris yesterday and
were so thoughtful to bring me these sweet treats!
Quels beaux parfums: Framboise (Raspberry), 
Caramel à la fleur de sel (Salted Caramel), 
Pistache (Pistachio), Fleur d'orangier (Orange Blossom), 
and Rose (Rose) -- They're almost too lovely to eat!
These beauties were in Paris just yesterday (Wish I were too!),
but Ladurée insists they be consumed within 3 days.
Macarons don't last long-- They won't wait for French Friday,
but I'm sure I'm up to the task! Anyone want to share ;-)
And of course I'll keep the box. Doesn't everyone?