June 02, 2014

Next Steps...

C'est ma vie! means "It's my life!" My tagline is a French saying that professes, "Life is full of little pleasures." Yet lately, I have been examining the focus and the purpose of my blog.  This started as a very personal creative platform -- a place to reflect upon and document the beauty and inspiration that surrounds me, but to my delight, it has gained a following of regular readers and casual visitors. Now, each photo that I post, each word that I write carries with it the responsibilities that I feel toward my followers. I wonder whether an image that I find particularly interesting or lovely will please others as well. I often question whether anyone actually reads these longer posts, or if the pictures really are worth a thousand words and should, therefore, speak for themselves. I am often surprised as I monitor my statistics, taking note of which posts are most popular, looking for themes and trends.

Admittedly, for the past seventeen months, Project 365 has been such a focus that I rarely blog about my other interests. I think it's time to add some new features to appeal to a wider audience and to extend my creativity beyond the image of the day. So this week, I'm introducing:
  • "French Fridays" to reconnect with my love for the French language and culture.
  • "Lately..." to share what I'm reading, watching, listening to, trying, doing, loving...lately.
While embracing new challenges, I will continue to feature my photo of the day, and as always, I will post content that inspires me, that reflects my own interests, sensibilities, and tastes...after all C'est ma vie!