July 29, 2014


July 29, 2014 Photo (210/365): "Learning"

I spotted this sculpture in San Francisco at the intersection of Broadway and Columbus avenues. Research revealed that Language of the Birds by artists Brian Gogginand and Dorka Keehn, depicts a flock of 23 illuminated books "flying" over the North Beach street corner. Solar panels on the roof of the nearby City Lights Bookstore power the books' LED lights that scatter patterns on the street below. Passing under the flock, pedestrians will see words and phrases inspired by the neighborhood's legendary Beat poets, San Francisco Renaissance poets, and Chinese writers. I wish I were walking so that I could read the poetry. According to SF State Magazine, in Kabala, Renaissance magic, and alchemy, the language of the birds was used to communicate with those initiated into profound secrets -- the key to perfect knowledge. This seems like such an appropriate symbol (albeit low tech) for the next two days as I experience GTA MTV. Let the learning begin!

Apple Campus at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino California
(Is that bad? I love both Google & Apple!)
Learning straight ahead...