July 31, 2014

Google A-Z

July 31, 2014 Photo (212/365): "Google A-Z"
Take a tour of my Google photos from A to Z...
A = Android
B = Bikes
C = Cupcake 
D = Donut
E = Education
F = Froyo
G = Googleplex
H = Honey
I = Ice Cream Sandwich • J = Jelly Beans • K = Kit Kat
L = Leisure
M = Maps
N = Nexus 7
 O = Optical
Photo via Pinterest (No, I didn't take pictures inside the Googleplex!)
P = Pods
Q = Qualified
R = Road
S = Stan
T = Transportation 
U = Unique
V = View 
W = Wired
X = X Factor
Y = Yellow (& Blue & Red & Green)
Z = ZZZZZ  - I'm exhausted!
(Wish I could try out one of those legendary nap pods ;)

After two intense days of learning, working, and playing with my #gtamtv14 cohort of "Outstanding Educators, Creative Leaders, and Ambassadors for Change" -- an group of awesome people, I'm exhausted! Time to pack and get a good night's sleep. Monday, I return to Pewaukee as a Google Certified Teacher, ready to work hard and inspire others to iterate and innovate with Google. Thank you to my new Google family for an awesome adventure!