September 26, 2014

French Friday: "It's a sign!"

It's easy to find your way around Paris.
Neighborhoods and monuments are clearly marked.
Iconic blue and green signs on the sides of buildings
indicate the arrondissement and street name.
Some are curious.
Some are cultural and historic.
Other signs share points of interest like this apartment 
There are signs for sales and advertisements...
... pretty handwritten signs in the markets ...
... and always le menu du jour.
Don't forget to look down.
This sign in the Place de la Concorde marks the spot 
where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette lost their heads!
If you pay attention, you're bound to spot at least one
of 135 Arago markers running along the ancient
Rose Line and former Prime Meridian in Paris.
Some signs are amusing.
Some are confusing.
Some are lovely, if ephemeral.
This sign on the Parvis de Notre Dame marks 
the exact center of Paris from which all routes are measured.

It is a tradition that if you step on the medallion
you will return to Paris one day (and I never miss it).
I think it's a sign that I should go back...hopefully soon!

[Top 2 photos via Pinterest]