October 05, 2014


October 5, 2014 Photo (278/365): 
"Lapham Peak State Park"

It's funny how we always hike at Peninsula, Potawatomi, or Cave Point when we're in Door County, but we always forget that there's a great park in the Kettle Moraine State Forest, just eight miles from our home -- Lapham Peak State Park. Although the leaves have only just begun to change (which I hope means good timing for our trip to Sturgeon Bay in two weeks), we thoroughly enjoyed a long hike through the woods on this beautiful, crisp fall day.

We climbed the observation tower

for a bird's eye view,

and completed a winding 3-mile hike

up and down the hilly terrain,

past might oaks and fragile birches.

Most of the leaves were still green,

but occasionally, we got a sneak preview

of the the glorious colors yet to come.

And although most of the flowers have faded,

there were still lovely surprises around every turn.