October 06, 2014


October 6, 2014 Photo (279/365): "Nesting"

As these autumn day get shorter and crisper, I start to crave the comforts of home and begin feathering my nest for the long Wisconsin winter. So lately, I've been...
  • ...walking through the woods and parks in our area. The trees are just starting to turn and I love the smell and sound of dried leaves beneath my feet. (See yesterday's post for pictures of our hike through Lapham Peak.)
  • ...bundling up. I love fall clothes -- cashmere sweaters and scarves, skirts and warm tights, comfy boots...I just feel more "me" at this time of year. 
  • ...stocking up on firewood, lovely soft yarns for knitting projects (I like to knit during Packer games), coffee, tea, cider, cocoa, and red wine.
  • ...cooking comfort food, especially soups. Yesterday, I made a big pot of cream of chicken and wild rice -- a traditional, nothing fancy, grandma recipe. In the coming weeks, I look forward to roasting pumpkin seeds and maybe baking something with the season's lovely apples.
  • ...reading Fisher & Fry's Better Learning Through Structured Teaching, along with the other district learning coaches; however, I'm craving a good, "can't put it down" book. Any suggestions?
  • ...decorating with gourds and other natural items. I'm not one to go all out with Halloween decorations, although I always display the "Spooky Tree" that my mom gave me years ago. I enjoy pine cones, dried flowers, and this little nest, and I'm partial to miniature white "pumpkins." (Orange is not my favorite color -- more on that in a later post!) Today, one of my awesome colleagues/friends brought me a gift of homemade molasses cookies in a very fancy box that she decorated with festive skull. The card read, "Your desk is too clean. You needed a little holiday clutter!" 
Festive "clutter" in my office (Merci, Nan!) & home (Thanks, Mom & Mother Nature!)
What have you been up to lately?