October 20, 2014


October 20, 2014 Photo (293/365): "St. Joe's"

"Home is where the heart is."

The sidewalks of Sturgeon Bay in the fall always make me nostalgic -- the smell and the crunch as my footsteps shuffle through the fallen leaves.  It reminds me of trick-or-treating, playing hide-and-seek, walking uptown for ice cream -- all-American family memories.  It was hard for me to choose a photo from among today's images of the sunrise along the Bay and decorations on Third Avenue. Ultimately (with Eric's help), I decided on the place where my family began: My mom and dad were married at St. Joe's in the fall of 1959.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
All-American hometown with festive decorations
(Notice what's playing at the Tap!)
Flowers are still blooming
Leaves are turning
Look what's turning here!
Quaint shops & restaurants

Old street names (Now 5th & Louisiana)
St. Joe's
The "Old Bridge"
The Bay
And so our long weekend ends as it began....