November 25, 2014


November 25, 2014 Photo (329/365): "Title Belt"

In 2012, I was the very first recipient of the PHS Title Belt.  Today, I am honored to receive it again:

SuperBowl/Title-Belt Salute Of The Week: Melinda Larson-Horne (from Abby Bartz). "Melinda earns the title belt this week for all the work that she does for the high school, middle school, and the district that goes unnoticed. Her job requires the work of probably 3 or more people at any other business, but she makes her job seem effortless. Melinda is constantly learning new things that she not only shares with the students and staff in the Pewaukee School District, but so many others outside our campus. Her talents are endless. We are so blessed to have a person like Melinda who is passionate about helping others. Congratulations Melinda!"

Thank you to my wonderful colleagues! I, too, am blessed!