January 23, 2015

French Friday: Hiver

January 23, 2015 {23/365} « Hiver »

Two years ago this week, I took a quick 4-day weekend trip to Paris for a convention -- Lucky me! My initial plan was to skip all the typical, touristy spots and just stroll around, enjoying my Paris -- cafés, bookshops, boutiques, coffee, wine, pastries... oh, que ça me manque! I arrived to gray skies which didn't faze me at all since I think Paris is even more beautiful against a steely backdrop. After my requisite meetings, I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening with "Bonjour, Paris!" on a continual loop in my head before returning to my hotel, exhausted and jet-lagged.

When I woke on Saturday morning, Paris was transformed into a Winter Wonderland! The biggest winter storm in recent history dropped over 20 cm of fluffy snow on this already breathtaking city. Everyone loves Paris in the Springtime, but if possible, I think my nordic heart made me love it even more under a blanket of white. How could I resist viewing all of Paris' landmarks frosted like a wedding cake? So I wandered for hours, marveling at the glorious site. I must admit, it was terribly fun for this Wisconsin girl to watch the blissful French children and dogs play in the snow (as well as the chic Parisians slipping & sliding in their fashionable yet completely inappropriate footwear ;)
I've shared these photos before, 
but today, as we anticipate a weekend snowstorm,
I find myself pining for Paris sous la neige!
And as much as I love the iconic monuments...
it's the less expected photos that I share today.
(Like this spot, where this happened!)
Things that I wouldn't normally be compelled 
to photograph suddenly caught my eye
Every glorious detail
That wonderful Paris limestone -- I love this color palate!
Every little embellishment
I'm home in the USA, but I miss my beloved Paris.
She seems so far away. Yet I know she's always there...
...waiting for my return -- bientôt, j'espère!
(OK...maybe just one of the Eiffel Tower ;-)