January 16, 2015

French Friday: Truffles

January 16, 2015 {16/365}
Black Truffle Dinner at Lake Park Bistro
7 Courses with Wine Pairings
"The Perigord black truffle is named after the French province of the same name. Perigord's limestone plateau is an ideal site for black truffle production. Truffles grow naturally in woodlands, and their presence is signified by the lack of plant life at the base of the trees. These bare areas are referred to as terre brûlée or 'burned ground.'

Perigord black truffles start to grow in the spring and summer and they are harvested from December through February. Several different methods are used to find truffles. A pig or dog is used to help locate the truffles. Dogs, of course, can be trained to find most anything. Pigs, specifically sows, are naturally attracted to the aroma of truffles, which is similar to a pheromone produced by boars during mating season. Because they are quite large and will fight over truffles, pigs can be challenging. In France, another method is avec la mouche or 'with the fly," which is when ripe swards of flies can be seen hovering over truffle growing areas.

It is because of the unique aroma and taste that truffles are much sought after and command up to $900 per pound, depending on the species. Another factor which contributes to the high prices is the increasing demand and continually lower production. At the end of the nineteenth century, the French alone produced 1500-2000 tons of truffles per year. It is now estimated that only about 120 tons of black truffles are harvested annually worldwide." ~ Information provided by Lake Park Bistro

Hors D’Oeuvres

Mousse de Canard
Duck Liver Mouse with Black Truffles

Tartare de Veau
Chopped Veal Tenderloin with Black Truffles

Gruyere Cheese Puffs with Black Truffles

Le Menu

Carpaccio de Coquilles St Jacques
Thinly Sliced Sea Scallops with Lobster Mousse and Black Truffles
Joseph Drouhin Vaudon Chablis 2013

Raviolo farci l’Oeuf
Maestro Paul Bartolotta’s Egg-Filled Raviolo 
with Ricotta Cheese, Brown Butter, and Black Truffles
Joseph Drouhin Chassagne Montrachet Blanc 2012

Ragout de Foie Gras et Homard
Sauteed Duck Liver and Lobster with 
Carrots, Turnips, Chioga Beets and Black Truffle Jus
Joseph Drouhin Pommard 2011

Roti de Boeuf
Roasted Jefferson Township Beef with Salsify, Chestnuts, 
Red Wine Sauce and Black Truffles
Joseph Drouhin Vosne Romanee 2012

Camembert Farci
Cow’s Milk Cheese Stuffed with Black Truffles and Truffle Honey

Gateau au Chocolat
Rich Chocolate Cake with Hazelnuts and Black Truffle Ice Cream

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