February 13, 2015

French Friday: L'Amour Fou

 February 13, 2015 {45/365} « Bisous »

Nestled between the Centre Pompidou and the Church of Saint-Merri in the Marais, the whimsical Stravinsky Fountain showcases sixteen sculptures inspired by the music of Igor Stravinsky. Completed in 1983, the black mechanical pieces by Jean Tinguely and the brightly colored pieces by Niki de Saint Phalle include L'Oiseau de feu (The Firebird),  La Clef de Sol (the Musical Key of G), La Spirale (The Spiral), L'Elephant (The Elephant), Le Renard (The Fox), Le Serpent (The Serpent), La Grenouille (The Frog), La Diagonale (The Diagonal), La Mort (Death), La Sirène (The Mermaid), Le Rossignol (The Nightingale), L'Amour (Love). La Vie (Life), Le Cœur (The Heart), Le Chapeau de Clown (The Clown's Hat), and Ragtime (Ragtime).  I wish I knew the secret of the Dali painting (by street artist, Jef Aerosol) behind the fountain. C'est un peu fou, but I love it and « Qui aime sans folie n'aime qu'à demi ! l'amour le plus fou ne vit sans brin de folie. » ~ Maxalexis