February 01, 2015

I ♥ February

February 1, 2015 {32/365} "Heart"
Yesterday, I mentioned my disenchantment with the January results of my 2015 Project. A month ago, I felt focused and excited to implement my new ideas for photos and writing. Yet rather than facilitating my daily creations, I became increasingly confused and frustrated. As the month progressed, I worried that I would fail in my attempts to implement my plan, not wanting to disappoint myself nor those who enjoy my posts. But it ultimately occurred to me that professionally, I always encourage others to be creative and innovative, to take risks and try new things.  I assure them that setbacks or unsuccessful results should not be viewed as "failures" but rather learning opportunities that enlighten and encourage further innovation. Should I allow myself to "fail forward" as well?

So after reflecting on what I learned in January, it's time to try something new again in February. I won't hold myself to unrealistic parameters and expectations, but rather post only what I love. It may seem funny, by I love February! Although many dread another month of cold winter days, I rejoice in these 28 crisp, snowy days, punctuated by celebrations of la Chandeleur, Valentine's Day, Mardi gras, and my birthday (the exclamation point at the end of a lovely month). February posts will be filled with pretty hues of crimson and pink, flowers, hearts, and beautiful snowscapes. Cheers to failing forward, to life-long learning, to new challenges, and to February!

Lavender Champagne cocktail at Harbor House