March 22, 2015


March 22, 2015 {81/365} Vintage Cameras

In all the excitement about the arrival of Mademoiselle Piper, I neglected to share some of my great birthday gifts. As I've mentioned, I am intrigued by vintage cameras and typewriters, as both tools of creativity and works of art. I'm especially attracted to the 1940's models. I love their clean lines, and I like to image the cultural and historical moments that they've captured.

Eric found this awesome Zeiss Ikon.
Lynn and John, my in-laws, gave me this gorgeous Brownie.
I'm still playing with where to include these treasures in our home. For now, the Brownie sits on the mantle, repeating the lines of the Frank Lloyd Wright clock on the armoire. The Zeiss is on the sofa table next to framed sketches of a vintage camera and typewriter (also gifts from Lynn).