March 29, 2015


March 29, 2015 {88/365} "Foreshadowing"

Clutching a steaming cup of coffee with both hands, I ventured out to the deserted terrace of my favorite lakefront coffee shop. On this blustery March day, it's hard to imagine that soon the café tables here at Colectivo will be crowded with patrons enjoying the view while strollers, joggers, and bicycles vie for position on the sidewalks. Beyond the traffic on Lincoln Memorial Drive, Veterans Park will be bustling with picnickers, dogs playing frisbee, and children flying kites. The marina will be a forest of sailboat masts and on the horizon clean white sails will dance upon the blue waters of Lake Michigan. The sun will shine brightly in an azur sky and the warm air will be filled with the calls of seagulls and music wafting from the lakefront festivals. But today, it all feels like a distant memory rather than the foreshadowing of another summer in Milwaukee.