March 08, 2015


March 8, 2015 {67/365} "Puppy"
It was totally unplanned. We didn't mean to do it, but she chose us. For months (years?), my brother, Eric's mom, and our nephews have been encouraging (pestering?) us to get a dog. We argued that we (I?) weren't ready; We don't have children, so we don't need to be tied down to a many reasons why not. But yesterday, when we went to see the parents of some soon-to-be-born beagles, one of whom the Larsons hope adopt, this one little girl, the only one left of her siblings, stole our hearts.  I really didn't want to love her so much, but she made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that she was coming home with us. 

Over the past 36 hours, she met all of her grandparents, aunties, Uncle Rob (I blame him!), and three cousins; she slept through her first night at home without a peep; she met several neighbors, human and canine; she went shopping for food and toys, played hard, and napped's been a big weekend!
So she is ours, and I apologize in advance for the plethora of photos that we'll be sharing as she grows up, but she still needs a name.  We had some in mind until we discovered that many of her friends already have those names. We do have a few more ideas:
  • Nautical: Dory (a small bottomed boat); Many might think of Dory in Finding Nemo, but if she "talks" like other dogs we know, we can say she speaks "whale"! She is also from two Door County families.
  • French: Coquette (little flirt) or Coco (Chanel)
  • Literary: Daisy (as in Buchanan from one of my favorite novels, The Great Gatsby)
  • Other ideas: Piper, Lucy,...?
Help, she really needs a name!  What do you think?