June 20, 2015

San Diego

June 19, 2015 {170/365} Iglesia
Church of the Immaculate Conception 
Old Town - San Diego
For the past two days, I've been providing professional development at the Vista Unified School District in Oceanside, California. It was a last-minute invitation, but I'm so glad I took the opportunity to stretch myself. On Thursday, I spent the day at Temple Heights Elementary School teaching students about tech tools (Google and iOS applications) to facilitate and support personalized learning: tinyurl.com/pl-vista. Today, I was at Vista Visions Academy, a K-12 completely blended learning environment, where I modeled the inquiry process and provided tools and resources to support questioning, researching, discussing, creating, and reflecting: tinyurl.com/inquiry-vista

It is always inspiring and motivating to discover new ideas and perspectives as a lead learner. It was also fun to imagine going to school in this environment. The photo below is the "cafeteria" and the open door (left) is the classroom where I taught today. Toto, I don't think we're in Wisconsin anymore!