June 05, 2015


June 5, 2015 {156/365} Twenty-one

Today marks the end of my 21st year in the Pewaukee School District. I've taught two subjects, French and English, in two buildings, Asa Clark Middle School and Pewaukee High School. I've coached and mentored colleagues as they use educational technology to engage students while maximizing their own educator effectiveness. I've published 25 yearbooks, taken six trips to Europe with students and countless fields trips to art museums, plays, universities, and restaurants. I've worn a lot of hats and accomplished a lot in twenty-one years. This year I took time to really reflect on what I've done by creating an EE Portfolio. The process helped me to recognize my accomplishments (even if they aren't always acknowledged by others), to bring closure to another year, and to celebrate for a just moment before beginning again on Monday.