July 09, 2015

6 months old

July 9, 2015 {190/365} 6 months old

Miss Piper is six months old and 17.5 pounds today! She is such a sweet, pretty, little puppy, and we love her so much! She loves her family, being outside, peanut butter, her many toys, playing with Roxie and Lucky, and snuggling. She is very smart, social, and sassy!

This past month has been rough for our little girl. In June she had dental surgery to extract 4 retained canines and two more stubborn baby teeth (in this regard, she takes after Mommy). While she was under, she also had her laparoscopic spay. After her operations, we thought our trips to the vet were over for a while, but this week, Miss Piper hasn't been herself.  Over the past three days, she has endured a night in the emergency room, IV fluids and pain meds, and a spinal tap. We are so thankful that they have almost certainly ruled out meningitis, but she may still be facing further x-rays and blood work to try to determine why she hasn't been feeling well. We are doing everything we can to help her get better, but through it all she keeps wagging her tail and giving everyone kisses. Piper has been the cause of a lot of worry and a lot of expense lately, but she has brought so much joy and love into our lives. We love you, Miss Piper! Happy Half Birthday!