May 22, 2016

Wright Plus 2016

May 22, 2016 (143/366)

"Every great architect is - necessarily - a great poet. 
He must be a great original interpreter 
of his time, his day, his age." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

William E. Drummond House, 1910 (my favorite)
559 Edgewood Place River Forest 
The Isabel Roberts House next door to Drummond 
(Frank Lloyd Wright 1908) - wasn't open this time
Next to the Drummond House (also designed by Drummond & Guenzel)
Charles J. Barr House (1912 - Drummond & Guenzel)
7234 Quick Ave. River Forest
A very early FLW commission
Winslow House (1894 - FLW's first private commission)
515 Auvergne Place, River Forest
River Forest Women's Club
526 N. Ashland Ave. (now a private residence)
(Drummond & Guenzel 1913)
First Methodist Episcopal Church (1913) 
(Drummond & Guenzel) 7970 Lake Street, River Forest
Windows representing Communion
What a shame that they replaced the original art glass with these stained glass windows in the 1960's!
FLW Home & Studio (1889) 951 Chicago Ave. Oak Park