April 14, 2017

French Friday: La Sainte Chapelle

 April 14, 2017 (104/365)

« La foi met la quiétude dans l'esprit, comme la bonne conscience
met la quiétude dans le cœur. » ~ François Salvat de Montfort

La Sainte Chapelle, located on the Ile de Cité, was built in the 13th Century by Saint Louis, the king of France, to house a sacred treasure -- the Crown of Thorns. The  blessed relic was moved to Notre Dame's cathedral treasury in 1806, but the chapel remains a masterpiece of Gothic architecture -- a jewel box of stained glass, practically hidden behinds the walls of the Palais de Justice. 

The upper chapel, once only accessible to the royal family

The lower chapel for the royal attendants